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About Us

Self-Harm Network Scotland provides free compassionate support, resources, and information to people who self-harm. We also provide support and information to friends, families and professionals. 

We are part of Penumbra Mental Health, a pioneering charity providing dedicated services for people with mental ill health. We support people on their journey to better mental health, by working with each person to find their own way forward. We are funded by the Scottish Government and also work with partner agencies who share our goal of minimising distress and reducing self-harm.

Our Teams

Our national team work remotely to support Vectorised Illos Ipadpeople across Scotland through our website. This includes our live chat and ongoing support offered through video, phone calls and text. If you are 12+ and based in Scotland, you can access support via the live chat service between 6pm-10pm every night. You can also refer yourself for 8-10 sessions of ongoing support around your self-harm via the Contact us page, or by talking to one of our colleagues on the chat.

Portal Peer Practitioners

  • We are all Peer Practitioners with our own lived experience of self-harm, so you will be supported by someone who has been there too. We offer remote one-to-one support through video call, phone, text or email. You’ll be met with empathy and compassion where you and your goals are at the centre of support!

Portal Volunteers

  • We are the team behind the live chat. We bring with us our own lived experience and passion to support others. We love being able to support this part of Self-harm Network Scotland!

Our locality teams have been working hard in local communities since our service began. Vectorised Illos HandsAll our peer practitioners have lived experience of self-harm. They bring an understanding of what you might be experiencing, and can share with you their journey, experiences and strategies that helped them. They can work with you 1:1, in person or remotely, to find out what matters to you in your life and support you to find coping strategies that work for you.

Our locality teams also work in the community to raise awareness and work with local groups and communities around self-harm and mental health. We have locality teams based in Highlands & Islands, Dundee and Glasgow – if you would like to discuss how they can work with you, or your organisation please get in touch via the contact us page.

Our small but mighty self-Vectorised Illos Headharm network training team consists of Louise, our Practice Development Lead, and Ellen, our Self-Harm Awareness Trainer.

Louise and Ellen are both extremely passionate about raising awareness and reducing stigma around self-harm and believe that self-harm awareness is relevant to everyone. So far, the team has trained over 1000 people in Scotland and aim to continue providing this training to everyone who is interested.

We have many different training options which can be tailored to suit you and your workplace. For more information and to get in touch with the team, please visit our training page.

The Penumbra approach

Your journey. Your way.

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Counselor Upset Patient 1

Of course, everyone’s journey is different, so we work with people to identify, believe in, and reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Often, it’s about hope, but we know that’s not always easy for people to hold on to. And so, when times are tough, we hold it for each person, keeping it safe – just until the time is right.

You see, Penumbra has always been about people; listening and learning, challenging, encouraging and enabling . It’s why we’re trusted to provide services across Scotland, supporting thousands of adults and young people every month, because when people need us, we’re there.

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