Tommy's story

I’m 50 years old, ex-military, with a lot of mental health problems, including PTSD. After going into hospital, I was referred to Penumbra’s Self-Harm Network Scotland service to get support with my self-harm. Things had just gotten on top of me, and I couldn’t see a way out…

The support I got from Leigh, my Mental Health and Wellbeing Practitioner, has helped me feel a lot more positive. I’m now able to control my thoughts and ask for help when I need it, rather than bottling up my feelings. Speaking to Leigh gave me the confidence to ask for help and the realisation that I shouldn’t be ashamed. The support has also made me realise that the thought of suicide is just that – a thought rather than an action. I’ve learnt how to deal with that thought. I also have a Safe Plan in place which I can refer to if I need it.

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"My Practitioner Leigh went above and beyond what I expected and that blew me away."

I’m now more positive about the future and look forward to doing other things. I recognise that I’m ill, but I now have the coping mechanisms to deal with any suicidal tendencies and thoughts I may have.

I want other people that are sitting in a dark place to know that there is a service out there that can help you get out of that dark place.

My Practitioner Leigh went above and beyond what I expected and that blew me away. We built a strong bond. I want people who need support with their self-harm to know that the team at Self-Harm Network Scotland are very professional, they are there to help you and really will go above and beyond. Please get in touch with Self-Harm Network Scotland if you self-harm and need support.

Thank you for sharing your story, Tommy.

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