If you self-harm and are seeking support, we’re here to help.

You can chat to one of our team from 6pm – 10pm, 7 days a week or leave a message with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can with options for support.

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If you self-harm and are seeking support we’re here to help.

Leave your details here and we will get back to you as soon as we can

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Talking Heads Tool

Talking Heads Tool

We all have an inner voice that sometimes makes us question things about ourselves, like our abilities, our looks or our qualities.

This tool is designed to help you to start challenging your inner voice when it is being negative. The talking heads are designed as a way to remind yourself that you have positive skills, strengths qualities and values.

Use the boxes below to write down what your inner voice might be saying to you, and what you can say to challenge that voice. You can download these once you are finished by clicking the GENERATE PDF OR SEND IT BY EMAIL button at the bottom of the page. You can then keep them to remind you how to challenge your inner voice on days when it might feel difficult.

We all have an inner voice that can make us question ourselves, our abilities, our looks, our qualities, our popularity. Write in the box below things that your inner voice tells you that affect your confidence and self-esteem
Have a different conversation with yourself by challenging your inner voice when it is negative and remind yourself of your qualities, strengths, skills and value. Write in the box positive messages that you will tell yourself when you have negative thoughts

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