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Fiona Brown

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Suicide prevention service reaches 100 people in six months

Leading Scottish mental health charity Penumbra has today confirmed that its Angus based team has directly supported 100 people through its Angus Suicide Prevention Support Service, based in Arbroath. The service has been in operation since January of this year. The service is managed by Penumbra staff, and commissioned by Angus Health and Social Care Partnership, and has been in operation since January of this year. 

The service is available to all adults living in Angus who experience thoughts of suicide or who may have attempted suicide.  Support is also available for family members, carers or friends of adults experiencing suicidal thoughts. Telephone, email and face-to-face support is offered; all of which will promote safety, wellbeing and recovery. Information, guidance and signposting regarding suicide prevention can also be provided.  There is no application form or waiting list for this service and operates Monday to Friday 9am-5pm on freephone 0800 135 7899 or email [email protected]

Penumbra Angus Support Manager, Ashleigh McLeod, said:

“We’re so proud that the Angus Suicide Prevention and Support Service has been able to directly support 100 people who are in crisis and feeling distressed or overwhelmed. Our fantastic team here in Angus are kind, compassionate and really skilled at what they do, and whilst we would always work to prevent anyone being at crisis point, we’re here if people need that support.

“We’re not medically treating someone or trying to fix them; we’re working with them to identify and plan support systems that will keep them well and avoid feelings of crisis, distress and overwhelm. So the expectation of recovery guides everything that we do, and we want to encourage people to look after their mental wellbeing just as they would their physical health. But asking for support can often be hard for people. We know that everyone’s mental health journey is different and that’s why we work with the people we support to help them to find the tools that work for them.

“Our Angus Suicide Prevention and Support Service is a support service for anyone aged 16+ years who lives in Angus and is experiencing thoughts of suicide. Support is provided by freephone, email and face to face appointments, and there’s no application or waiting list for the service.”

Penumbra Recovery Practitioner, Ann-Marie, added:

“It’s a real privilege to be able to support people through the Angus Suicide Prevention Support Service. Sometimes people can be a bit scared about what to expect in contacting any mental health related support service, but we know from feedback that the people we’ve supported have really benefited from that compassionate support and the fact that they can talk openly in a safe space.”

Couldn’t have asked for a better person when I attended Penumbra. Kind, caring, supportive, understanding, sympathetic and extremely helpful are just a few of the words to describe her. An absolute credit to the service.

Bill Troup, from Angus Health and Social Care Partnership said:

“This project demonstrates the real impact that happens when services work together. People at risk of suicide must feel able to ask for help without feeling stigmatised. People who want this help in their local communities can now get it.”

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