Amy's story

Hello, my name’s Amy.

When I left school, I approached the NHS for help with my self-harm. I didn’t meet the criteria for support, though, and was instead pointed in the direction of various charities – it felt like I had been slingshotted!

Penumbra Mental Health was the first charity I approached. They were really quick to respond.

Straight away, I felt like they had my back.

I didn’t understand my self-harm and had no tools or ideas to help me manage it. Finally, I felt heard. The group sessions were great. They were a chance to meet with others experiencing the same issues. All of a sudden it felt like less of a taboo. My goal had never been to stop my self-harm, however that’s precisely what’s happened.

I really feel like my life’s opened up again.

The support I’ve received from Penumbra has had a huge impact on my life.

It’s the single biggest boost to my mental health that I’ve ever experienced. Knowing that support is still there even now that I’ve finished with Penumbra is such a comfort too. I can now go about my daily life. I can just be me. Even my scars are no longer an issue for me now.

I really feel like my life’s opened up again.

Nowadays I look after my mental health in a variety of ways. Now I’m better at communicating with others, and setting boundaries, doing things on my own terms. I enjoy time working on arts and crafts, and hanging out with my cat. These days I see myself in a different way. Before, I would eat and drink whatever I wanted. I now have a much healthier diet. I respect myself more and I like myself more.

To anyone going through a tough time with their mental health I’d say, although it may feel like a permanent thing, you can come out of it, especially if you find someone like Penumbra who always had my back.

Thank you for sharing your story, Amy.

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